Re: If I had a1957 Plymouth Fury, do you think... No

From: Brian Cooper
Email: 57plymouth@msn.com
Date: December 02, 2001


What is the TOTAL end goal here, only better fuel economy? If that is the only reason, then the cost of the EFI may pay off in the long run if you use a standalone system like Holley makes. If you are trying to pull a EFI system out of something like an early nineties truck, then you will spend nearly as much or more than the aftermarket system, but it will take a tremendous ammount of fabricating to make it all work, and the generator probably not be up to the task. More than likely, you will lose some performance going with EFI over a four barrel or 2 fours. As for economy, if that is your end goal you should be able to hit 25 mpg with a 2 barrel, free flowing exhaust (headers), VERY good ignition dial in, good driveline condition, good gear selection, and a solid motor with a mild or stock cam. I get 15 mpg in my 80 Dodge 1/2 ton truck with a 600cfm Holley on a Performer RPM intake, mystery cam, headers, very little exhaust, tired feeling 904 auto, stock heads and bottom end. If I ported the heads, changed my gear from a 3.23 to a 2.73 (which would make it a dog) and switched to a four or five speed I could get about 20 with this combo. My wife's 79 Z-28 gets 19 mpg with a VERY tired 305 that is a bone stock smog motor with poor compression and restrictive heads with a 2 barrel carb, 3.42 gears, an auto, and A/C. Personally, I think the conversion would be a waste of time if economy is your bottom line. I also think a carb motor is more reliable than a EFI motor since there is less to go wrong. I wouldn't do it, but it is your car.