Any appraisers out there in FwdLk land?

From: alumcan
Email: lumcan300dhd@aol.com
Date: December 02, 2001


I need some help. I have a unfinished early Hemi powered MoPar Rod I HAVE to sell. I've had it on several web sites, but no takers. One wanted me to keep my Hemi and put in a crate motor,,,,,,I just deleted that kind of hair brained idea. I've tried to get only twice what I have in the motor/trans. Just a little more than a rusty Ford/Chevy Sedan on a finished frame with a common 350/350 is selling for. I just can't beleive that I'm having this much trouble selling the car. Any appraisers out there that can do me a favor and look at some pictures, and tell me why I can't sell this car? Please. Thanks.