Re: Help !Rear drums

From: Michael
Email: MorrisFury1958@aol.com
Date: December 04, 2001


Hi Pete, Sounds as though you used the wrong type of puller. The correct puller has 3 arms which use 3 of the wheel bolts to attatch it to the hub. If u used the claw type puller on the outer edge of the drum, that was definitely the wrong puller. I know, I did the same thing to a 58 belvedere I had years ago. Learn from your mistakes. Best thing to do is to get the correct puller, Snap On sells them, I got 1 for $125 as I recall. You may have to grind the rivets off to get the puller seated on the hub correctly if the drum is bent badly. You shouldnt need heat with the correct puller. I back the nut off to the end of the axle shaft and leave it on to keep the drum from flying off, yes this happened on the Belvedere also. I check the brakes on my 58 Fury often, so the drums always come off easily. As far as rivets Just get NOS drums or good used drums. Hope this helps, Michael