Re: Rear end rebuid

From: Adam Green
Email: adamgreen57@hotmail.com
Date: December 06, 2001


Rich, to answer you questions, rebuilding the rear end depends on your level of expertise. Read the current posts about removing the rear drums for example. Once you get it apart, the drums and bearings shouldn't pose too much of a problem. As for getting inside the centre section, that can be a different matter. You have to be pretty careful setting up the ring and pinnion(depth of pinnion and tooth contact) etc. or you can end up with a junk axle pretty quickly. I suppose if you are asking this question then you are not used to doing it. As for the removal, it's pretty straight forwards. There's no need to clamp the springs, they won't come flying off like a coil spring. Just make sure the axle is well supported as it is very heavy. There's no problems removing the tank. Just undo the retaining strap bolts and disconnect the filler inside the boot. Easier when the axle is out as there's more room to get to the sender unit for disconnection. If you need any further details, drop me a line. I did these jobs recently on my 57 Fury. Adam