From: Joe
Email: Fifty8fever@aol.com
Date: December 08, 2001


Recent Fwdlk postings and a fellow 58 Plymouth owner have recently inquired about drum pullers. I purchased a professional hub puller from JC Whitney - P/N is 12TS8895A for $49.99. It is a professional 3 arm puller for 5, 6, 7 or 8 hole bolt circles from 3" to 7" dia. Pulling strength is 56k psi. Three professional gear puller arms (p/n 81TS3996Y, inside/outside gear puller with 8" spread) or a slide hammer attachment (p/n 81TS3997W) could also be purchased for $19.99 each as accessories but you won't need those to get this job done. I sprayed mine with penetrating oil for a few days/(weeks)- (mostly because I was trying to bang it off first), used a 3 foot breaker bar and applied pressure as far as it could go, then heated the hub with a propane torch, applied more pressure with breaker bar, heat, pressure, then a loud bang. I thought something broke as loud and fast as the thing shot off. Thanks to previous recommendations on this site, I put the axle shaft nut back on before I started - don't forget that along with a coating of anti-seize when you put it all back. This pulled the drum off a 58 Plymouth that sat idle since the spring of 1967 and allowed me to test drive the car for the summer before I started my restoration. Note: There is also a 3 arm puller for 5 bolt hole circles up to 5" dia (PN 51TS0236Y for 25.99) but I opted for the larger unit above. The Whitney phone number is 800-529-4486 or use www.jcwhitney.com. Good luck.