58 Plymouth Plaza - Build Codes/ #562

From: Joe
Email: Fifty8fever@aol.com
Date: December 08, 2001


I recently acquired a 58 Plymouth Plaza Club Sedan which sat idle in a garage since the spring of 1967. The car was purchased by a father in May 1958 for his 18 year old son (who most likely ordered it) since he was graduating high school and needed a car for college. It is artic turquise with a white roof and equipped with a 350 GC, Torqueflite, limited slip, replaceable oil filter, undercoating (thankfully), heater/defroster, 8x14 WW tires (center hub caps), and a backup light. My query: There is a code 562 also stamped that I'm not able to decipher. The car was also equipped with a radio, manual antenna, and rear speaker as well as a fuel filter. I see many vehicles including the factory pictures in the Fury catalog that do not show a filter at all. Mine is not the ceramic 80 micron type with the glass bowl, but the "Fuel Filter - 5 micron paper element type used with four barrel carbs" - PN 1879513 (in 58 Ply manual) that is a black canister. I'm not sure how fuel filters were ordered/if they were options. So far, I'm not aware of any other items which could be options. If anyone has code 562 as an option, I'd be interested in hearing from you if you know what the code represents or to possibly help decipher this code if there are similar items. Thanks.