From: james
Email: wiseguys@means.net
Date: December 08, 2001


In my dodge truck restoration book they descibe some mod's that iprove engine life in high pow or daily use. their is oil spurt holes in the rods that are suposed to lube the cylinder walls but they deflate the oill cushion and alow the rob bearing to clank into the crank journal. They said you can plug those holes if you put a 1/4" spacer in the oil pump to create higher oil preasure. the other mod was to enlarge the oil grove on the rod and main bearings to match the size of the supply holes, I gues this helps out with engine life and is a must if you will run them very hard. I like and dislike these engines they are so simple and they just love to run, my truck ran pretty good with a double head gasket blowout and a clattery bottom end as well as a worn out carb.