Re: Think Alumcan posted enough times?/NO! How about 16 bazillion more times!

From: alumcan
Email: alumcan300dhd@aol.com
Date: December 09, 2001


EIGHT ZILLION TIMES!!!!!! (CENSORED) COMPUTER WAS DOIN' THINGS TO ME THAT I'M NOT USED TO. I came close to runnin' my fist through the screen. (Dadburn machines) I have no idea the awnser to Brian's trivia question. Just a guess. So I'm 'warm' am I? So, either the displacememt was right/close, or the opposed clys was close. Let me see,,,ennie, meanie,,,,,,. Hey Einstine, remember some time ago, there was a (censored) pink Plymouth Convt on e-Bay? I said the the only car that could be painted pink was a Caddy. You guys made me eat my words, so to speak,,,,,,remember now? Well ceck your mail box some time tonight my time. I found a picture in a old newspaper of a (censored) pink '60 Ply Wagon of all thigs! That way, since yours isn't painted, you can sneak the picture and a flashlite under your covers tonight and,,,,,well, you'll have a good time. That's all I'm gonna say about that. Somebody out there in Denver called a Plymouth a Sdtudebaker! What'd they do, have a snoot full of Coors, or were they runnin' out of air, or they must have haven't had any for a while? I know! They must have just got through dirnkin' some of their own bath water! OK Brian, the first race in America, I haven't any idea where it was at. When was it, 1900? What's the matter Daven? You still upset that I had a triva question long ago that you missed the awnser to? he,he,he. Well, be ready, cause I'm workin' up another question you doin't know. My first awnser to Brian's Exner's design question, was the '53 Hawk. Since Exner was at MoPar right about then, the bullEt nose was just a educated guess. Oh well,,,HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!