Re: Where are you from?

From: Rich
Email: dwoody@kc.rr.com
Date: December 10, 2001


Nope, I am not from Iowa but most of Iowa is only half a day's ride from here. Kansas City. I am building a custom/rod out of my 57 Dodge. It will eventually be either an EFI 440 or a carbed turbo A engine. The body is getting done first and I have to replace some of the floor and put in mini tubs and a 6-point rollbar. when it is done, it will be a 1 of 0 car. Hee Hee. I still havent decided on the paint scheme but I do have it narrowed to 2 or three choices. Right now, I am leaning towards a two-tone Eggplant purple metalflake over a sort of Latte color tan. Are you also building a custom? I applaud the people who restore these cars and love to see them perfect but, personally, I am about making a statement with my car that the Chrysler Corp engineers never thought of, one that nobody thought of. My own spin on their cool design.