'57 Plymouth V8 engine size

From: Charles Vernon
Email: chuckv@sitdestar.net
Date: December 10, 2001


Well, it seems that I am confused - again! I talked with a very reliable machinest/mechanic about rebuilding the engine in my '57 Plymouth. It's a 301 cu. in. (or at least that's what I always thought) He informed me that Plymouth made a 315 cu. in. in '57 and that parts for rebuilding were next to impossible to find. Even showed me the listing in his parts books. I have a low milage 318 that came from a '59 model. Which would be the best way to go? Either one will have to be rebuilt. Also, is there any way to tell just exactly what engine is in my car? Whatever it is is the original engine with a 2-barrel. Appreciate your response. Happy Holidays!!