Re: 440 Build Up because I can't "Hemify" my 318

From: Mike Patterson
Email: mchr@theriver.com
Date: December 12, 2001


I few years back I did a 57 Coronet (same engine compartment) with a dual Quad 440, 65 Push button Torqueflight (with 64 Valve body) 9 1/4 3.23 Posi. As far as the 440 goes, basically a good rebuild with about 9 to 1 compression works really well on the street, keep the camming (for the street) relatively mild (personall preference for me is somthing along the lines of the 375 HP cam or the 390 HP tri-power cam). Intake manifolds (again personal preference) is a stock 375HP 68-70 Square flange single 4 BBL, Aftermarket dual plane intake single 4BBL, or dual Quad intake, or the 440 six-pac intakes. On the single 4 BBL setup go with a 750 CFM carb. If you want these heads also respond well to pocket porting using the MOPAR templates. A few things to watch out for. From my experience, the latter pans may not fit correctly (the sump is a little to far foward) if you run into to this try to find 58 to at least 64 B motor pan, or you can notch the front of your pan. Unless you want to pay for custom header, the best exhaust to use may be the 69-70 383/440 HP C body exhaust manifolds (If you want I may have a set of these I'd be will to sell, but not real cheap). You also want to check and see is your 440 is internally (or I suspect) externally balanced. Look at the balancer, if its about an inch thich and steel it internally balances, if its WIDE and cast its external. If its external you will need to use the flywheel or converter to match the engine. (here we go again about weights and options). Any way if you have any questions you can contact me directly. Mike