Re: Alumcan...I got the pink '60 wagon...WTF!!

From: alumcan
Email: alumcan300dhd@aol.com
Date: December 12, 2001


Watch what you say around some of these FwdLkrs! I found out the hard way! They are like a bunch of bkiers at a titty/burn out contest, or a poker run. (VERY PROUD) Ride in on a 'crotch rocket' and see what happins! The 'hard way' I was talking about,,,,. A long time ago there was a pink '61 Plymouth Convt. on e-Bay. I told Daven Anderson (Einstine) about it, since it was from the Denver area. (making fun of it) I mentioned, about the same as you, only stronger, that the only car that you could paint pink and get away with, was Cadillacs! Anything else that was painted pink musta been painted by a queer. How I managed to take this geat big foot of mine and stick it in my mouth, I don't know! I got pictures of MoPars FACTORY PINK, from as far away as Australia! Plus from just about every State in the Union/Canada and England!! I didn't go in the discusion forum for a couple weeks after that. You know what? Some of those MoPars looked good! Two off the top of my head, was a '59 DeSoto Hard-top down there in Australia, and one I really liked, a white over pink '56 DeSoto Convt from someplace, I can't remember now. Sorry it took so long for me to get the wagon picture to you, but as you all ready know, I pushed the wrong button, and didn't know it, screwing everything up on my end. Oh well, 'feces' happins. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERONE! AND HAVE A HAPPY FIFTH ON THE FIRST!!