Re: 440 Build Up because I can't "Hemify" my 318

From: Kenny J.
Email: kjosephson@sprintmail.com
Date: December 12, 2001


While I never put a 440 into a Forward Look car, I've had them in B body cars. I followed the old Direct Connection recommendation and replaced the square flange intake of the older 440s with a spread bore stock manifold (I believe pre-'74 or '73 versions don't have an EGR port.) Instead of the recommended Carter Thermoquad, I used a spreadbore Rochester Quadrajet. The reason for using the GM carburetor was because my carb man knew the Rochester well and could set one up to work like a Carter Thermoquad without the plastic bowl warpage troubles. They adopt easily to using any linkage, cable or mechanical. I also used the 375 hp "Magnum/Super Commando" cam and the stock performance exhaust manifolds salvaged from my rusted out Charger R/T. On one engine, I retained the stock square flange intake manifold and used a late '60s Carter AVS four barrel. I liked it, but most people I knew who stayed with a square flange intake used the Carter AFB or a big Holley double pumper. All three of my 440s used a windage tray and the '68-'70 performance heads. I still havea '69 440 in my storage shed that may someday reside between the front fenders of my '59.