Re: Thanks for the 440 info

From: Kenny J.
Email: kjosephson@sprintmail.com
Date: December 13, 2001


I don't know how fast this car will go. I plan to use what I have......a '69 440 block that will be .020 or .030 over, a set of '68-'70 cast iron perfomance heads, a set of B-Body Magnum/Super Commando exhaust manifolds, a spread bore stock intake and the 375 hp hydraulic cam. I also intend to use my wide ratio A-833 four speed and I'd like to use my Dana 60 3.54 Power-Lok rear end. If the latter is too narrow, I'll opt for a C-Body 8 3/4 posi with 3.55 gears. I know I'll be able to pull trailers, merge into freeway traffic with ease and occasionally surprise a youngster in a hopped up Honda. :-)