Re: belhousing diffrences

From: mike myhrvold
Email: mmyhrvol@hdrinc.com
Date: December 14, 2001


I had a friend in high school (mid 1960's)who drove 1957 and 1958 Furys exclusively. The were fast and were cheap because of the dual 4's. He told me then the V-8 stick shift trans were heavier duty than the six cylinder trans. Other than that and they could be interchanged. At the time I was looking for a trans for my '59 318. I ended up with a complete 1957 savoy 2 door sedan with a blown up V-8 for $50.00 and put my 1959 318 in it. I then added a 4.56 gear, a 2 four barrel set up and 6 leaf Fury rear springs. Boy was that car fast up to about 80 mph which was fine for stop light drags.