Dodge belching black soot, 325 heads, stromberg idle adj..

From: Kelly
Email: volare_sedan@hotmail.com
Date: December 14, 2001


Hey guys-got a question. Whenever my I let my lancer warm up in the mornings, there is always a two streaks of black, sooty water on the pavement behind the car. I am not loosing any antifreeze. Is is possible that I could re-torque the heads, or could one (or both) be possibly cracked? How much should I expect to pay to a good core set of 325 heads, and are '57 heads different/better than '58 heads?? What is the proper idle adjustment for a bendix-stomberg WW 2 bbl carb? a book (not a mopar book) reccomends 1 1/4 turns, but it doesn't seem right to me..Any advice? Thanks! Kelly