Re: Where are you from?

From: Rich Reicher
Email: dwoody@kc.rr.com
Date: December 14, 2001


Don't know yet, I got it here just in time to wrap it up for winter. The Passenger Wing window has bubbles in it but I think that will be ok for a while. the interior was redone in black vinyl tuck and roll and except for the color, it will probably stay that way till I can get some Caddy or Lexus buckets in it. I am thinking of putting a 5-speed manual in it but dont know what kind. Does anyone know If Doug Nash still makes a 5 that will bolt to a B/RB or A block? I need something that can stand 400 or so HP or more. The body looks pretty good and I am torn as to whether to get some good body work done and get it on the road in a couple of years or go all out and strip, sandblast/acid dip and restore all the panels like a show car. Money is somewhat of a consideration but I make a pretty good living so It is not paramount. However, I would like to cruise something before I am too feeble to push a clutch pedal.