Einstines 'toughie' triva questions

From: alumcan
Email: alumcan300dhd@aol.com
Date: December 15, 2001


OK Einstine/others, here are the rules. I have selected three questions, in varying degrees of toughness. They ALL petrtain somewhat to MoPar. I will ask the first question now. If the question is awnsered correctly right away, I will ask the second question. The third question will be asked later, so that there can be a discussion on the awnsers. EVERYONE, see if you can beat Daven 'Einstine' Anderson to the 'knowlege bowl'. Try and be 'King of the Mountian' OK, here is question number one. WHICH V-8 HEMI MOTOR, (standard Hemi design, you know, single cam, pushrod, double rockers)IS NOT GENERALY RECOGNISED BY ANY OF THE EXISTING HEMI CLUBS/OUTFITS? This question according to my rersources is the easiest of the three. Have fun. Daven, here is the deal, you awnser all three correctly, I'll talk to our 'fearless leader' about changing the name of the 'discussion forum' to 'Double D'= 'Dear Daven' he,he,he. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!