Re: WHICH Hemi clubs and outfits?

From: alumcan
Email: alumcan30-0dhd@aol.com
Date: December 15, 2001


OK, I forgot about your superior intellengce. I should have worded, 'which PRODUCTION V-8 Hemi. No,No,,,no exiotic OVHC's, or Expermintal Hemis that never made it into production, or something that's a hundred years old! Just a 'PLAIN' ole Hemi, single cam, pushrods, double rocker shafts, etc. This Hemi was produced and put into everyday cars that you and I or anyone else could buy. There was a remark made by the North East Hemi Owners Association, (I'm NOT saying when) that they wouldn't recognise this motor, if someone signed up with one. They would sign up that person, with no problem, but not that motor. There was a remark made by one of the 'other' National Hemi cubs, that they wuldn't recognise it either. MY imformation sourse is not avabile right now. (all I get is a awnsering machine)I compliled these questions almost 2 weeks ago. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERBODY!