Re: Dodge belching black soot, 325 heads, stromberg idle adj..

From: alumcan
Email: alumcan3000dhd@aol.com
Date: December 15, 2001


What's a goin'on out there? You all ready fer Santey Clause? (I'm not) The wet black soot you are describing at fast idle, for cold morning/day/night warm ups,,,,my old Ford pick-em-up does the same thing when I let it run for a wile there. If I lean out the mixture, some of the black sooty condinsation, (Warm/hot exhaust goin' through cold steel pipes) is greatly reduced, but it runs like crap at hi-way speeds. Richen it back up, runs great, but there is two black places on the white walls of my garage. When your car is idleing, steam comming out of each tailpipe, with the back colored water as the steam condenses on your pavement? Probably normal for a slightly rich jets/mixture. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERONE!