Daimler Dart (UK) SP250 (US) roadster 1959-64 and Daimler 2.5L Saloon (sedan) 1959-69

From: Daven Anderson
Email: l96lfury@springmail.com
Date: December 17, 2001


Daimlers are made in the UK. Most postwar Daimlers use Jaguar bodies,but the Daimler Dart (SP250 in the US,guess why!) two-seat roadster was based on the Triumph TR-3A chassis. Daimler couldn't use the "Dart" name for US-exported cars,obviously! So the Dart/SP250 used the Triumph TR3A chassis with a Daimler fiberglass body and Daimler's 2.5 Liter HEMI V8 (with ALUMINUM heads!) Daimler also sold a version of the Jaguar Mark II sedan with this engine as the Daimler 2.5 Litre Saloon. Daimler's Dart was noticably influenced by the Chrysler Dart showcar of 1956,both in styling and of course the Hemi V8,so it's interesting trivia for us here at ForwardLook.net! http://www.jag-lovers.org/brochures/daimler/dart_lhd_4_l.jpg