Re: send me some too!

From: alumcan
Email: alumcan300dhd@aol.com
Date: December 19, 2001


OK, what will you do/trade fer me in return? I'll tell you what. I'll send you a bottle if you find me a Nice, Black, Cadillac Hearse. Looking right around '77-'83. I'll go newer, but I DO NOT want that idiotic 4.1 motor. I want the 7.whatever, or 472. They put both and a 3 hundred something motor, starting in late '83. Where 'abouts you located? (hopefully in the north end of the state) Down there you shouldn't have much frame rust on Hearses. That's the problem up here. Most Funeral Directors know about the human body, but very little about a vehicle body. When driven in the winter on the salty roads, then all they do is hose/wax the outside, and MAYBE, under the wheel wells. Then they put their equipment in a heated garage, and Calcium Cloride (the main ingredient in road salt)starts activating at 32 degrees. The Hearse up there in New Hampshre only had 36k miles, but you could practially squeeze the frame together with your bare hands. The Hearse up there on Long Island, the guy swears up and down, that the frame and under body is solid! Absoutly no rust whats so ever! But that Hearse has 122k! That is OUTRAGIOUSLY high miles for a hearse! That is equal to a quarter million miles of normal everyday driving. Most Funeral Homes loose the tax write-off on a Hearse after 15-20 years and 70k miles. Unless somehow they use them as a 'first call' vehicle, and write something else off. (I don't know) Anyway I DO NOT know each indivudal state's Funeral Home tax laws. So what I'm trying to say, that a 1980 Hearse with 60-70k miles is normal. Here, I don't know about down there in Texas, Hearses can not be dirven over 55 mph. I don't think that there is a cop out there that has balls big enough to stop a funeral procesion for speeding. OK. I know this site is for '55-'62 MoPars, and a GM is MoPar's mortal enemy,,,,but I'm talking about a Hearse, not a LS-3! For the FwdLks information. There was a small fleet of '57 Imperial Hearses made. (I'll search and find the picture, and post it on my site.) I've seen a '59 NYer Hearse, and a '75 NYer Hearse. There is a rumor, (and that's probably all it is) that a Funeral Home, it was said, up there in Michigan somewhere, had special orded BOTH a '57 Imperial and,,,a 300-C Hearse! In the past year and a half of me 'truckin' around all of the Hearse sites I could find,,,,,I don't think that there was a 300 ever made into a Hearse. If it was,,,,and could be found,,,,there would be a one of one vehicle! Anyway, see what you can 'dig up' for me, and give me your 'snail mail' address an I'll send you a bottle of Genuine West Virginia moonshine, OK? HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERBODY/MERRY CHRISTMAS!!