YIKES! Manual Transmission Discovery

From: Kenny J.
Email: kjosephson@sprintmail.com
Date: December 19, 2001


I wish I had known the following a few days earlier. I got an really good '57 three speed tranny for my '59 Suburban. Internally, it is in great condition. I just found out it is about eight inches shorter than my '59's. I thought the driveshaft lengths were the only variables for non-overdrive cars, depending upon the wheelbase. Now I know, so I'll pass this along. It looks like I'll be spending part of Christmas at the work bench swapping main shafts and tailhousings, since the '59 tranny needs an overhaul and the '57 doesn't. May as well look at the bearings and synchros while I'm at it! Oh well, live and learn.