Re: send me some too! Pro-Street Hearse

From: alumcan
Email: alumcan300dhd@aol.com
Date: December 20, 2001


Jon, I forgot to respond to your 'bracket racer' thing. Back there in '66 or '67 someone made a big exibition drag racer out of a fairly new Hearse. They used a standard rear/mid motor, and a Eldo FWD section in the front, and it was called the HAULIN'HEARSE. Four wheel drive. I had the AMT kit model and used 4 electric slot car motors and raced it on the slotcar track, over there in Korat AFB Thailand. Anyway, there was one of those Hearse club members out there in Denver that bought a absoutly stunning Hearse up there in Pennsylvania. I mean this director really knew how to make the outside look so perfect. You could read a newspaper in the original paint at twenty paces, and all of the chrome STILL had the blue hue. This '78-79 ******** Hearse looked better than new ones. The director used the old forumlia Treatment, wax. Anyway, when this Denver Hearse guy got into Kansas someplace, one of the A-arms and the rear frame broke into from bad rust. I saw the car a couple years later on one of my wife's trips out there to Denver. Jon, he PRO-STREETED this thing! Looks DIFFERENT! Built an entire frame, and tubbed the inside. HAPPY HOLIDAYS/MERRY CHRISTMAS