57 vs 58

From: Bob McGee
Email: my55rock@aol.com
Date: December 21, 2001


I agree with you the front grill area of the 58 is much better than the 57. I have a 57 wagon and I am putting the 58 grill on it. As far as the 57 vs 58 goes there isn't much difference. The 57 had more problems because it was rushed into production and wasn't ready. Some of the problems were worked out by the 58. Floors were still a problem as they didn't last much longer than the last payment. Also the 58 had the dual headlights as the 57 had the parking lights. There were still 3 or 4 states that did not allow dual headlights, it was thought that they were too bright and would blind on coming drivers. Dispite there short comings they were still great cars and 57 was one of Chryslers best sales years to date.