Re: Chicken Coop...which one you talking about?/can't tell you yet.

From: alumcan
Email: alumcan300dhd@aol.com
Date: December 21, 2001


Eric, I'll combine the awnsers to all three of your letters into THIS one. OK, First, I got my unemployment check yesterday, I can mail out you and Joe's 'squeezins' sometime today. THANK YOU for the kind words on my oldest daughters Hearse story. Like I said,I DO NOT want any Hearses older than '77. '76 and back are just too big for someone starting out driving. Picture this. Pretend you are 16, or what ever the leagle driving age is in Wash. State, and you are trying to parellel park a 4-door, long bed pick-em-up with a big camper top, and a big old state cop, with a big old hat, and big old gun, and a big old pen is sittin beside you. It is VERY intimidateing! Trying to put a 24' long vehicle in a 25'(?) space. So, the '77 up Hearse is equal to a extended cab long bed and a little narrower. Like I said, I was wanting one just out of service, because it is still in top mechanical/looks condtion and I DO NOT have to do a major re-build on the thing. Thanks for the info on the one out there in the yard, but even Wash. State, it's TOO far for my to go get her a Hearse. Unless I had good pictures from a reliable source, (like you) and it was being driven back here for some reason. Like I said, I WILL NOT put her in anyting with a rusty frame! Nor do I want to build a frame. OK, enough of that. I can not say which parts car it is in that chicken coop I need. I have too many hurdles to get over before starting this project yet. I WILL tell you this much. I've wanted a certain FwdLk Convt for OVER 20 years. I get a dollar saved up to buy one, and the price goes up fifty! Most everyone who I've talked to that is rich/lucky enough to own one or more of these cars had done his best to be-little me, that I'm NOT worthy enough to join the ranks of the upper elete to be able to own one of these cars. Eric, E-Mail Einstine/Me privately I'll tell you why) Well, you know what I say to that! (censored) 'em! Let 'em go among themselves and get the electric cord that powers the blinkin' light that's on their noses tangled up! I WILL BUILD OR MAKE one of those cars! Right now, except for the frame 'X' and all of the convt. components I have enought parts to make one. I was talking to Einstine about using a 2-wheel drive pick-up frame instead of OM. (Stronger, and suspension parts are easier to find) Like I said, the hurdles, this DeSoto has to go, I have to find the 'right' Hearse, and to be able to keep my Harley and do this project, I'm gonna have to find some sorta' job. At my age that's gonna be hard, except for flippin' frozen cow parts, at food friends and fun. Somehow, I waited long enough, I HAVE to get strated on this project, so I can enjoy it before I run around the nursing home hittin' the nurses up for (censored) jobs! You will know when I'm starting this project, I will 'post' my wants/trades in the wanted/discussion forum. It was just very flustrating to see the parts car right there that I will be needing, and If the price wasn't out of reach, I maybe could have traded something for it.Oh well, feces happins. HAPPY HOLIDAYS/MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERBODY!!