Re: Christine clone owners -maybe too many as it is.

From: Dave Murray
Email: dad1993@gte.net
Date: December 22, 2001


I have also loved the car since the movie. After all these years, I have finally located a nice example. I was planning on painting mine red and white. However, since I've always had to be different, I am now planning on painting my car an entirely different color with a darker color roof and hood. Also in the works is going with NO bumper wings (even though I have a set) going with NO sportone, just the upper trim, and 18 inch rims with NO wide whites. I still love Christine, don't get me wrong. And you do have a gorgeous car there Boyd. I would just hate to show up to a large Mopar show and see a row of "Christines" there. It kinda defeats the uniqueness of it.