Forward Look Hearses,,,,,,,,,

From: alumcan
Email: alumcan300dud@aol.com
Date: December 23, 2001


Eric, and anyone who is interisted. I have 'dug up' some neat FwdLk Hearses as promised. One in particular, will drive Einstine nuts! But I'm having problems with this utrl, or whatever the thing is called. I was able to 'post' one picture, the Hemi motor in my Rod, then I tried to 'post' several pictures that were on one page of paper. The machine would reject those pictues. Got ahold of Einstine and AOL, they told me wat to do, but something else has happined. Now when I try to 'post' pictures the computer just shuts down. So untill I get this problem fixed, just get a visual on what a FwdLk car looks like as a full blown hearse. MERRY CHRISTMAS/HAPY HOLIDAYS