Re: moonshine

From: alumcan
Email: alumcan300dhd@aol.com
Date: December 24, 2001


MERRY CHRISTMAS JON! All right, all right, I'm crying 'crocodile tears' over your saddness of NO 'firewater' for the usual celebration on the first. E-Mail me with your 'snailmail' address and I'll see if there is still some left, and send it to you. Now don't you go get all roarin' sloppy commode huggin' drunk and wrap that new Mustang around a pole or something! Like I said, I'm looking for a '77-'83 RWD (only) Caddie' Hearse. The '76 back are better looking, but are just too big for someone staring out driving. I'll go newer, but I DO NOT want one with that idiotic 4.1 motor. They started putting that in the late '83's. Pefer a 472. I would perfer one just out of service straight from a Funeral Home. (allready serviced) That way I don't have to spend a whole 'lotta time to totaly re-build one. Like if one had been sitting for a while. Anyway, did you check and see how many miles is on that 500 incher down there? If that Hearse is a '76 back, and has under 70k, and has not been sitting all that long, and you can get the motor trans cheap, you can make a few bucks selling it to a Street Rodder. Anyway, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!