Re: Gotta pull the engine

From: Jessica Hendricks
Email: Mopargirlie_63@Yahoo.com
Date: December 28, 2001


When i pulled the 225-6 engine out of my 63 Belvedere, i also had a few friends help haul the engine right up out of its bay. It took about 4 of us. Since this is a much larger engine, hopefully you won't be going at it alone!? My suggestion to you is: Jack the front end of the car up..slide a few tires on a dolly underneath of the engine and jack her back down. Unbolt and jack it back up again and slide the engine out. Its necessary to have a dolly or something w/ wheels so it is easier to remove from under the car. Just be careful to not move it too quickly. Otherwise you'll end up w/ a few dings in your bay or a huge mess of an engine tipped upside on the floor. the transmission shouldnt really be all that hard to remove. It unbolts separate from the torsion bars on the crossmember (that is...if your set up is like mine on my 57 Firesweep) It might be a good idea to check your torsion set up while you're down there. Rust often collects at the ends, which significantly weakens the performance of the bars. I hope this helps! Good luck and let us all know how you fare. Jessica Hendricks