Re: American Bantam/Correct Awnser!

From: alumcan
Email: alumcan300dhd@aol.com
Date: December 28, 2001


Yep, everyone got it right! The OFFICIAL source for the naming of the 'jeep'. Was, a General Purpose vehicle. The military, throughout recorded history always abbrevated/shortend words. ex; AWOL. (prouounced a-wall) Abset With Out Leave. Etc. General Purpose was shortened to GP, to geep. The official shortened name contiuned to what we know it as today, JEEP. This is a bit brash, but do you know that another word that is used everday in the english language was 'shortend' by the military? We say censored) you! (censored)him, etc. That 'F' word is NOT a word. It stands for Fornication Under Cardinal Knowlege. The military back there in the renaissance period shortened it when certain brothels were 'off limits'to the King's Military. I guess that they 'had' to shorten it, look how many feather pens were used trying write that many words on each infraction of the law! LOL If any of you out there have a 'Ford' script (jeep) tailgate, it's probably worth more than a whole 'Jeep' body. Speaking of Jeep's, How many of you 'Baby Boomers' remember ole 'Nelly Bell'? Pat Brady's Jeep on the Roy Rodger's TV series? Some time ago, right after MoPar bought out Jeep, did anyone hear about the lawsuit Chrysler brought on this guy, out there some place, that had a beer garden/truck stop/resturant/ whatever, that was called JEEP'S Chrysler had the 'balls' to say that he was in trade mark infringement and was going to sue him. Turned out, after he paid a bunch of money to some 'high speed'lawyer, well, Chrysler backed down quietly. Turns out, HIS dad nickednamed him 'Jeep' after Popeye's 'Jeep' in 1935,6, or 7, long before the Jeep name was even attached to anything. After he paid all that money just to be able to keep the name he originally started with, he went out and bought a used dozer, hung a big sign on his place stating that if any kind of Chrysler Corp vehicle came into his lot, he was gonna run over it with the dozer!! Einstne, you remember reading something about that? FIND A FINE FIFTH ON THE FIRST! WHOO-HAW!