I just bolted '77 A-904 to '60 318 block. 6 of 7 holes match!

From: Daven Anderson
Email: l96lfury@springmail.com
Date: December 28, 2001


I don't know what kind of engine you had there. I'm working right now on a 402" rebuild of a 1960 318 poly. The block just came back from its .090" overbore and the bottoms of the bores have been notched to clear the con rod bolts. The bore is now 4.00",and the crank is the MP 4" stroke cast piece. The block was pulled out of a 1960 Dodge Town Wagon and will be going back into same. The Loadflite will be replaced with a '77 A-904 (with a floorshifter). Keep in mind that the pre-'62 crank flange protrudes more out of the engine,so it would interfere with a test fit of block to a '62-up tranny housing. Anyway,with the new MP crank in,the '77 A-904 matched six of the seven bolt holes. The one that does not match is the bottom left hole on the motor ear,just above the starter. If the owner were really paraniod about the missing bolt,I could fill in the hole with new metal; then drill, tap and thread the new hole in the correct location BUT really the six bolts should be more than adequately secure for street use! Also I borrowed a bare '56 Dodge (Hemi or Poly) 315 block and it too bolts up the same six holes on the A-904. (The bottom left is off there also) In the case of the early Dodge V8's,there is no ready-made crank with a '62-up length flange,so you would have to use a custom billet crank or a spacer between the block and tranny. The spacer would also work on a pre-'62 318 with its original crank still inside.