57 It is!

From: Jessica Hendricks
Email: Mopargirlie_63@Yahoo.com
Date: December 30, 2001


Hiya Alumcan, and everybody else! Thank you for your responses to my earlier goof-of-a-question. Turns out i took a closer look at my price guide book, and found what i was looking for. They just listed it differently. A little about myself..hmm...i'm 20, i live in Texas as of right now, but i'm moving back to Pennsylvania come Feb. I own several mopars including a 74 Plymouth Valiant (her name's Nancy...), a 72 Dodge Dart (my first mopar and first car at the age of 15), a 63 Plymouth Belvedere, 57 DeSoto Firesweep Sportsman, and a recent addition of a 65 Falcon Futura Coupe. In the past i've owned the likes of a 61 Olds F-85 Stwagn and a 71 Beetle. Most of these cars i've aquired were either free, given to me, or very very cheap ;) I spent my summers chucking parts off for my favorite salvage yard in exchange for the 61 olds, and parts here or there (also 5 bucks an hour :P). Right now i'm working on my degree in Auto Mechanics... My briefcase has photos available of most of my cars, and everyone is more than welcome to view them. Http://briefcase.yahoo.com/mopargirlie_63 <~~~ i try update resto-photos of my 57 DeSoto project often, and hopefully soon i will add pics of my new falcon. Jessica Hendricks PS. Anybody need parts for a 50 Dodge Meadowbrook??