From: Jessica Hendricks
Email: Mopargirlie_63@Yahoo.com
Date: December 30, 2001


Well, indeed i am blushing over on this side. Alumcan, i am very familiar w/ pennsylvania. it is my homestate. I moved to texas to be w/ my fiance, and we are both moving back together. I had to leave my mopars and garage shop behind to pursue the man that i love. It was tough leaving my girls behind, but the 57 will fit in as a nice new roommate ;). I've gone to chryslers @ carlisle for many summers. The summer before last i picked up a horn-ring for my 63 Plym. for $14!!! My fiance, Jon, and I are in contact w/ several fwdlkrs in Pa, including Ed Petrus, who is also a member of Desotoland :). Ya know, i've always wanted to go to the nationals in Ohio, and this year i want to make it a point to be there. We should have this huge get-together and have a big section for us fwdlkrs! ;) I am sure that once the desoto is in the garage, 2 seconds within my reach, and out of the elements..much more progress will be done, and she will be finished before we know it ;). HAPPY 40 ON THE 1ST! ;) ps. 2 and a half tons of cans!?!?!?!?!?! GOOD LORD! pps. my fiance is the guy w/ the lime green mustang.