Re: '60 Plymouth Hearse...

From: Ian Rubrey
Email: ianrubrey@madasafish.com
Date: January 01, 2002


It makes me sick to say this but I actually think that the '60 Plymouth hearse is over here in England!!! I haven't seen this car for a few years but it has the same style of coachwork and the last picture shows what looks like an english Ford and an Iveco truck in the background. What pisses me off even more is I have tried to buy this car on more than one occasion but the owner, a supposed enthusiast, seemed adamant that he was going to get it restored. Jeez! I recently saw a picture of a '56 Dodge hearse that went the same way although that was in really bad state of decay and any salvageable parts were stripped before it was raced. The '60 hearse was definately saveable and worth preserving. It makes me sick to see it go to such waste. Ian. England.