the sad sad hearse

Email: lime_green_2001_gt_mustang_guy@yahoo.com
Date: January 01, 2002


alumcan, Jess and I went back to the salvage yard to check on that hearse...and it looks SOOOO sad now. The heads and intake have been stripped off of the motor (still don;t know what size). A bunch of CRAP(not literal crap) has been piled into the back and one of the windows has been broken out. If I had to make a guess...I would say it is a 72-75 caddy. it is a HUGE car. The curtains and plush are still on the inside...and the rollers on the floor still work GREAT!!. Both of the front wheels and brake assemblies and been stripped off of it now too. I was very saddened to see such a great looking hearse be treated in such a manner. well, better luck elsewhere. Jon P.S. where do you store 2 1/2 tons of aluminum cans? and how in te world did you get them to where you cashed them in at?