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From: Eric Carlson
Date: January 04, 2002


I didn't mean anything bad about you over there...sorry if it came out that way. You MUST admit, it takes a special person to like a '60 Ply. and other Forward look cars!! My Dad was a Ford guy, if he was still alive, I'm not sure if I could go home in a Mopar! Anyway, next time I'm in England, I would love to get with some of you and check out the scene. My friend lives in the South Hampton area on the water looking at the Island. In July we head up to Malvern for the 'big' campout. When and where are the good shows to go to? I'm normally over there in June and July. One year I was over there in late October and early November, I went up to play St. Andrews.....believe me, I'll never play golf on the North Sea that late in the year again!!!!!!!


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