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Re: survey time: Which FW Look car has the best interior?

From: Mike Patterson
Date: January 05, 2002


Overall I agree with the the 300F/G/H. As far as just the dashes go the 57/58 Dodges also had a neat one (though not as high tech) with the ribbon speedometer and guages. As far as the cars with the AstraDome dashes go, you have never lived until you have to put one together (I believe somewhere in the manual it refers to gently squeezing the dome into place. Just a little nerve-wracking when doing it on a 40 year old piece of plastic.) I got to admit though, their beautiful at night. Now, just food for thought, at least on the 57/58 Dodges and Plymouths the dashes are bolt in, and as far as I know they are interchangable. I hate to admit it but I always thought the 57/58 Plymouth dashes looked like an afterthought. I have played with the Idea of swapping a 57 Dodge Dash into my Plaza, and replacing the the doors with Dodge doors to get rid of the refrigerator door handles. (I've had way to much time on my hands lately).


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