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Poly 318 - Adjusting Solids - And a question of color...

From: Dave Murray
Date: January 07, 2002


So we've determined my '58 318 is a solid lifter engine. Ok then, at what intervals do I need to adjust the lash and how do you do it? What is the specification? The engine is running great at this point with no excessive lifter tick. Also, my engine is red. Including the aircleaner. My new friend I met with the other '58 says the engines are supposed to be silver. I too have seen them silver in those die-cast models. Up until now, I never questioned the originality of my engine color. One last question. I now want to know the original color of my car in general. I am the third owner. The second owner bought the car in 1980 and claims the car was always red (along with the engine). Everywhere I look the car appears red. And I checked every nook I could think of. The second owner surmised the car belonged to a fire department at one time. This may explain the hemi size torsion bars and 12 inch drums it has as well. I appreciate any help. I would love to get to the "bottom" of the origins of my car, and what is correct for it. It is a '58 Savoy sedan. Thanks.


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