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Re: cars lost --add 1 more car for fast and furious

From: Jessica Hendricks
Date: January 08, 2002


I thought the charger in Fake and the Flatulent was a Injected/Blown 440... i could be wrong, however...its been a few months since i've seen the movie. Went to the theater w/ Jon and made fart-noises at all the imports *snicker*. I thought the website had listed the specs on the vehicles, stating that the charger was an 11 sec. 440...either way i think it looked pretty rad. Pitty they wrecked it. It was the whole reason i went to see that movie..(that and to make fart-noises at the imports..LOL) Needless to say we received many unhappy glares from kids in the audience who drove civics. The Parking Lot and Highway was a nightmare after that ~Jessica Hendricks


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