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Re: cars lost --add 1 more car for fast and furious (partially Forward Look related)

From: Jeff Pozniak
Date: January 08, 2002


Same here!...the only reason I payed to see that movie was because of the Charger. It kind of sucked that it was used only in the last ten minutes of the movie though....I guess they saved the best for last :) And speaking of the Dukes, do you guys see a lot of General Lee replicas around your place? I know of two that cruise around my town. And finally, to keep this message Forward Look related, how do you remove the cigarette lighter socket from the dash of a 57/58 Plymouth? I'm trying to remove the thin aluminum panel mouldings that line the bottom of the dash and have been very successful except when it came to the tiny piece where the lighter goes. I can't seem to budge the lighter socket at all. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jeff


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