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Re: In F&F movie,more than one Charger onscreen

From: Jessica Hendricks
Date: January 10, 2002


When i first saw "Fake and the Flatulent" it seemed a huge slap in the face for them to wreck the charger...but the more and more i think about amused by the fact that it took "nos" to even keep up w/ the charger (which i believe is a 68, not a 70). Obviously the last race between the charger and the supra used stunt cars. From what i can remember when reading the webpage, they both were borrowed from private owners and are both 11 second cars IRL. The charger is just a lil faster by a few tenths ;). ~Jessica Hendricks PS. Just a thought...wonder how much money it took to put that supra into 11s compared to the charger ;)


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