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Movie car is a '70,look at side marker lights (and grille surround)

From: Daven Anderson
Date: January 12, 2002


'68 Mopars have small round sidelights with no reflectors,'69's have side reflectors with no lights, and the '70's have the first reflector-light combos. The '70 sidemarker lights are very easy to distinguish from the smaller unlit '69 reflectors,even on a movie or TV screen. Pause the DVD when the car is doing its wheelie and look at pictures of the '69 and '70 front fenders and there is NO doubt that's a '70 light! The chrome grille surround on the '70 is unique to that year too. The website when I looked at it said the "'69" Charger could do 10.5 sec. and the Supra 11.3 sec.,more realistic times than given in the screen dialogue. Purchase of a 1994-96 2JZ-GTE engined Supra (approx. 13.8 sec. stock) and then beefing it up to run 11 sec. quarters would cost more than $50K. Meanwhile,a Mopar fan can buy the Indy Cylinder Head 572 ci. Legend True Hemi for $21,500 complete,all new and dyno'ed. This engine puts out 950 HP with just a single 4-barrel. You may have to drop that much to beef up the rest of your Mopar to HANDLE the Legend 572's output (subframes,big disc brakes,Dana 60,etc.) but for less than the Supra you'd be running tens easily (even in a C-body or Forward Look car!) with good idle and street manners, no NČO bottles needed.


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