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The Glorious Mustang....

From: Nathan Manning
Date: January 13, 2002


Hey Jon, I have a friend that owns a '93 Camaro Z-28. He, too, takes great joy in the fact that he can "put a spanking on stock mustangs." I have never pretended to understand his fixation with spanking the pony. Instead, I just smile and nod. You see, I believe the torque-heads like my buddy see the mustang as the best "fast car" Ford currently has to offer. Thus, ANY mustang, 6cyl, V8, or whatever... becomes a force to be reckoned with - A worthy opponent of the roadway - a nemesis that must be conquered. Deep down, I think it all reverts to the classic "Chevy/Ford/MoPar/Import cars are better than your Chevy/Ford/MoPar/Import cars" argument. My best advice? Take it with a grain of salt, man. You can't help it that they think they have something to prove. Plus, Mustangs are cool... and some folks are jealous. By the way, when y'all come through TN, I'll drag race ya in my Bitchin' stock '99 Lumina! (Just Kidding.)


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