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350 Golden Commando...I Need Advice. Anyone

From: brandon P
Date: January 13, 2002


Hey, whoever reads this, i need some advice. I have found a free rotating (but not running) 350 golden commando engine in a 58 plym wagon i a salvage yard. i can get the whole wagon for a straight trade on a 58 plaza 4 dr parts car that i have 150 dollars in. The 350 is missing the intake and carb. Where and how hard would it be for me to get a replacement intake and carb. Original was 2x4, but i wouldnt need that, just anything. Also, it is a 3 spd push button car! complete. Anyway, how expensive to rebuild and maintain are these engines? i want to know before i get in over my head here. No wise cracks please, because i am not telling where it is, and i am not letting anyone else in on the deal. i just need some sound advice.How are these rated on H.P.?


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