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Re: Watching "Christine" again - Noticed something new

From: joe a dickason
Date: January 13, 2002


as a 100 + veteran of watching the film , I also saw something new last time. When arnie comes through the winshield at the end,the grill & "v" on the front of the car was bent up a little, and immediately after it was not. of course the car kept fixing itsself beforehand, but this happens while the car sat still while arnie was just about to croak. At that point, the car had just fixed itsself, and was not making the creaking noises they used while the car was fixing itsself. clearly a stage screwup. Gosh I wish mine would fix itsself ! every day I go out to the garage and the same old thing.... grind, weld, drink a beer, sand, prime, look at it, sand, smoke, sweep, prime, sand,... no fixing itsself. oh well I guess arnie had to do it the first time...


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