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Re: 350 Golden Commando...I Need Advice. Anyone

From: mike myhrvold
Date: January 14, 2002


The GC 350 is the first and smallest (in bore) of the "B" engines. Basically the bores are 350(4.06, 361(4.125), 383(4.25) and 400(4.34). The crank, rods, intake, heads, water pump, fuel pump etc. interchange with the others. The expense would be pistons and "original" carbs. The original 2x4 intakes show up at swap meets, frequently. Any AFB carb basically will work. I would recommend not going over 500 cfm for street use with 2x4 set up. If you get the engine, be sure you get the factory motor mounts the round metal cans that bolt to the engine and if you are going to go to 2x4 intake, be sure to get the coil bracket the mounts right above the fuel pump. I had to buy a whole car a few years ago for that bracket. The original owner of my Fury had used a magneto in the late 50's and lost the coil bracket. Good luck.


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