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Re: my rant

From: ForwardLook Frank
Date: January 14, 2002


I Agree! I've taken out several of the Rustangs with a tired '85 Blazer. Here's the recipe for it's massive (Just Kidding!) performance. Stock 2.8L 2-bbl with 100K miles,rebuilt trans with B&M trans pak stage one,Edelbrock headers and Dynomax cat back exhaust (which I use for better mpg). Transmission is the 700r4 and the rear is an open 3.73. I mean really, if I can beat up on a Mustang (usually 6 cyl) with that tired old mule and take a 5.0 of the line until about 40MPH, are they really that great?! If this is the case I can't wait to finish my '59 Fury 4-dr and crack both the four barrels open on my 318 and see what happens. Jeese, has the world really gotten this lame? Next thing ya know will be saying, "my car can beat a Civic" (NEVER in my home). Take Care, Frank


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