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'65-73 C-body and '70-73 E-body are preferred rearend swaps

From: Daven Anderson
Date: January 20, 2002


The above 8" rears are closest in dimension to the Forward Look 8" rears. I've had a '70 Plymouth Sport Fury 3:55 Sure-Grip '489'-case 8" rear axle (drum-to-drum) in my '60 Plymouth station wagon for years now,and the '65-up straight axle shaft 8" rears are a great way to go. It is also possible to transplant 1965-68 '742'-case axle shafts into original 1957-64 8" rears,provided you change the axle to later drums or drill five wheel stud holes in the original drums as I did on my 1961 Fury.


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