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Re: Movies- The "other" Christine Car - The Charger...

From: Kenny J.
Date: January 20, 2002


Not to mention that the torsion bar suspension gives a much firmer ride than the '55-''57 Chevys. Those Chevys have front coil springs. What's even worse is when Chevy went to coils all the way around starting in 1958. My '59 Impala needed heavy duty springs, front & rear sway bars and gas shocks to corner as well as my stock '59 Plymouth. Not to say that Forwrad Look cars are great handling cars, especially when compared to some of today's family cars. But hey, they were good for their era, especially the "letter" cars (Chrysler 300s.) Incidently, GM copied Mopar's front torsion bars for their Chevy and GMC pickups during 1960-62. My rust bucket '68 Charger R/T was same color as Dennis' movie car. Blew me away when I saw the movie for the first time. I had read the book first and didn't expect it. You should have heard my Chevy friends whining over the '69 Camaro they trashed in the movie. In the book, Buddy had a '73 or '74 Camaro.


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